We offer to our customers a large variety of services, all of them related to the field of engineering and architecture. We cooperate with all types of clients: Public administration, private customers, corporations as well as with other professionals of this field of expertise (architects, engineers, technical architects and so on). We do handle any type of projects: new construction, extension of projects, remodelling, urbanisations, etc. Miscellaneous use of those projects, such as residential, industrial, sanitary and commercial.

  • Management and coordination of the project
  • Construction projects
  • Technical inspection
  • Structure calculation
  • Services with regards to safety and health standards (Drafting of safety and health assessments, drafting of safety and health planes), the monitoring of safety, so on
  • Surveying projects (Topography). Projects on facilities and activities (electrical, gas and heating, legalizing of activities, telecoms, air conditioning and ventilation, planning of emergencies, etc)
  • Reports, expert reports and valuations (taxation)
  • Expert support to other professionals and builders
  • Miscellaneous (certificates of occupancy; energy performance certificates; decoration projects; 3D; technical inspections of buildings (ITE’s), etc)